From the Director



Greetings Everyone,

I am excited and stirred in my Spirit for this year’s internship. Each year these internships serve as a season where we cultivate the “Gospel seed” within our hearts, so that an overwhelming expression of gratitude and sacrifice would pour from our hearts and lives.

Our internships aim for an Acts 2:42 community and expression that is only possible through hearing and believing the gospel. I believe the gospel centers around Messiah’s sacrifice for us on the Cross. The Cross is not only our means for righteousness before God’s throne on the Day of Judgment, but also the way by which we inherit the all of the promises that God has spoken; our bodily resurrection and eternal life, dwelling with Him in His everlasting Kingdom.

Throughout the internship we strive to anchor saints in faith in the Cross. We also seek to biblically define the coming Kingdom and Day of the LORD so that we would earnestly look for and eagerly anticipate His appearing.

As these precious truths become more established within our hearts the Holy Spirit is poured out confirming the message with peace and joy and hope abounding. We are filled with the fruit of the Spirit and given the gifts of the Spirit that enable us to live out a pure gospel witness.

There is no greater treasure to invest in or seek out than Christ Jesus, so please come and join us for our 2016 internship.


Executive Director, Fire Internships

Hans Kim