From the Director




I’d like to extend an invitation to all believers, young and old, to a season of consecration and renewal here at the Eastern Gate! Our internships aim for an Acts 2:42 community and expression. We structure this season of training with preference to the manner hearts will be weighed and evaluated at the Day of the LORD.

 The Heart

The internship centers around the prayer room. It is the barrenness of the wilderness that drives us to the Cross- God’s standard of righteousness, His divine prescription for our depravity and the embodiment of truth at the heart level. The Prayer Room is a greenhouse in the barren, wilderness of this age. Where a new generation of messengers are planted and hidden, tested and tried, refreshed, and thrusted forth as messengers.

The Prayer Room also becomes a place of encounter as we exalt Jesus with an extravagance commensurate with His glory and worth. As our hearts are humbled, we become tender and receptive to His Spirit. The bedrock of prayer becomes the spring of visitation and encounter.

The Head

There is coming a day when men will no longer endure sound doctrine, opting instead to hear what their tickling ears want to hear (2 Timothy 4:3). The default worldview in our day is one that militates against the word of God. Our internship heavily emphasizes a Biblical Worldview. The context of prayer and community provides a ripe setting for searching the Scriptures. We must allow the Word to reform our worldview because what we do is a function of what we believe (Romans 12:2). We value our time being equipped in the Word because it strengthens our faith and anchors our souls. Our desire is to equip messengers who can both discern the Word and can allow the Word to discern their hearts.

The Hands

Truth of heart and truth of mind will always produce works done in truth. If we have a good root, we will bear good fruit. Our works of justice cannot come from a humanistic desire to fix the earth with our own resources and good ideas. They must be wholly rooted in the only One found worthy to bring forth justice (Revelation 5:5). When the saints do justly, walk humbly, and love mercy, it points as a sign and a witness to the coming Kingdom, a throne that will be established in righteousness and justice. Throughout this internship we will devote much time to both evangelistic and justice outreaches. We will also spend time in community to build and edify the Body (1 Peter 4:8-10).

The prayer movement in this region is about building a perpetual memorial before the Lord to declare the glory and greatness of God in the nations. It is about raising up messengers who are prepared to declare the whole counsel of God without shame or apology. Whether you are a stay-at-home parent, working professional, or college student, I encourage you to ask the Lord about committing to a season of internships here at Eastern Gate.

Hans Kim

Executive Director, Fire Internships