Classes and Schedule


Curriculum Includes:

  • Harp and Bowl Seminar
  • Gospel Seminar
  • Biblical Cosmogeny
  • Creationism vs Evolution
  • Earth’s Global Flood
  • The Orginial Glory of the Earth and Man
  • Hebraic View of God
  • Study of the Messiah
  • Eden and the Priesthood of Humanity
  • The Kingdom of God
  • The Depravity of Man and the Cross
  • Cruciformity
  • Gospel of the Resurrection
  • End-Times
  • The Day of the LORD
  • The Uniqueness of Israel

Regular Weekly Meeting (11 Hours)

  • Encounter God Service (Friday 7:30-9:30 pm)
  • Core Teachings (Sunday 2-5pm)
  • Embrace the Cross (Saturday 10-12 pm)
  • Prayer Room (2 prayer room sets, interns’ choice)

Monthly and Periodic Meetings

  • Community Building (once a month)
  • Weekend Retreat (one per internship, Friday night and Saturday all day)

Missions & Evangelism Elective

We offer this elective at no extra cost, for those who are wanting to add a few more hours a week to their internship experience to be specifically trained and equipped in missions & evangelism.

  • Class (Wednesday 7-9pm)
  • Periodic team buildings and evangelism outings throughout the 3 months

For questions regarding our curriculum or schedule please contact