How much of a time commitment is the internship?

The internship generally requires between 11 hours a week for 12 weeks or roughly 130 total hours. The detailed schedule will be presented at the Orientation.

What if I don’t attend all the sessions?

The internship allows for 8 total absences of any event to still graduate with a certificate of completion. If you complete the internship with more than 8 but less than 12 absences you will receive a certificate of participation.

What if I can’t pay for the internship?

There are always scholarships available in the case of a legitimate need. There are also options to pay in monthly payments in the case of a legitimate need. In general, we don’t want finances to hinder people who feel called to do the internship. If you contact us we try to be as accommodating as possible. E-mail us at internships@ihopeg.org

Does the Certificate of Completion count towards anything?

A certificate of completion pre-qualifies you to join our staff, if you so choose. In most cases, a certificate of completion will also count as internship credits in other Houses of Prayer.

Can I hold a full-time job and complete the internship?

In the past 4 years we have had full-time students, working professionals, full-time mothers, newlyweds, and those commuting from out of state complete the internship. With the support of a spiritual community, time-management skills, and commitment it certainly can be done!

Is childcare provided?

On a case by case basis that can be provided, please notify us of your needs on the application.

What is the full-time internship?

A full-time internship is an extension of the part-time internship. In addition to all the part-time events, there will be increased prayer room hours as well as participation in all staff events. The full-time intern will work approximately 25 hours a week.

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