Missions & Evangelism Elective

Missions Track Description:

All scripture from Genesis to Revelation displays the heart of the Father’s desire for His children. The great grace of missions is to participate in the gospel in order to fulfill the Father’s longing that none would perish but for all to come to repentance. Today we face this reality where if our Lord Jesus Christ were to return today we would see over five billion people perish in a Lake of Fire. The Father has sobriety and understanding of this, and so too should our hearts be struck with sobriety and intercession for the lost.

To that end, this missions track will equip you in the following ways as you follow the call of the gospel to the nations of the earth.

  • The theology and apostolic witness concerning missions
  • Understanding the global missions movement and what’s happening in the “missions world”
  • Cultivating a heart that is willing to “GO”
  • Understanding strongholds of Islam and other religious and ideological strongholds in the context of our ministry trip
  • Training and practice in Partnership Development
  • Training in language acquisition and cultural sensitivity

In July 2017, missions interns will depart on a two week missions trip to a nation in the Balkan region.

Day and Time: Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 PM

Accepting: 5-10 interns

Location: IHOP-EG Cranford, NJ

Alex Falcao Bio:

Alex Falcao

Alex has served as an Intercessory missionary at Eastern Gate since completing the first internship back in 2011. Throughout the past decade, Alex had several opportunities to minister on the missions field. In a more recent missions trip to the Balkans, the Lord profoundly stirred Alex’s heart even deeper into the call of the gospel and global missions.

Alex also directs the Eastern Gate Student Forerunner ministry, and has previously acted as the director of Encounter God Services. He has been involved in worship and youth ministry for over 10 years and is currently serving as worship pastor in a church in Nutley. He is also passionate about apostolic doctrine, early church fathers, and Old Testament studies. Alex is married to his wife Andrea and they have a beautiful daughter named, Aurora.


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