Rachel Full Testimony

This internship has been intense, but in a good way. I have always felt restless about multiple questions I had relating to Genesis, the day of the Lord, and Revelation. This internship has answered many of those questions but has also created another set of questions. However, the information I learned in this internship has taught me where and how I can develop a better understanding.

Four teachings stood out to me the most: The biblical worldview, the original glory of man, Hydroplate theory, and the Blessed Hope. The biblical worldview showed me how much I had embraced non-biblical views about heave, earth, and the God head. I viewed heaven as an ethereal other realm instead of a physical place above the Earth. This teaching showed me how much the Platonic teachings had effected the Christian world view in Western Society.

The original glory of man teaching had so much new teaching for me it was overwhelming. But as I searched the scriptures and did some more research, it made sense. This teaching also gave me hope that I won’t have to fight the flaws of my body after Jesus returns. It gave me hope that my glorified body will be awesome and something to look forward to.

I really enjoyed the teaching on the Hydroplate theory because it gave a concrete, systematic explanation for many of the things I believed in relation to the flood.

The teaching in the Blessed Hope caused me to hope again in the day of Christ’s return. I didn’t realize how much I was putting my hope in other things until I was confronted with this teaching. Everything that I had been hoping and praying for my whole life, every desire for completeness, love, safety, world peace, bravery, and justice is wrapped up in that day. This teaching identified scripture that explained this restless longing for more and increased my desire for the Day of the Lord.

The most important thing I have gained from this internship is community. I have never felt like I was a part of a community of believers. Now I do.

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