Our internships are designed as a season of consecration for those living full schedules. It is a full on crash course into the vision, values, culture, and lifestyle of the gospel in the context of the House of Prayer. We believe quality biblical and ministry training can be attained in the Metro NY region. We believe a saint can receive a stewardship in the gospel and be thrusted towards his or her calling without having to go in debt. We believe it doesn’t necessarily have to take 3 or 4 years. We believe that training is not for the spiritually or intellectually elite, but rather for those who are hungry, humble, and available. We believe in Creation, we believe in the covenant God has made with Israel, we believe in the Cross of Christ, we believe in the power of prayer and the ministry of the Holy Spirit, we believe in the local church, we believe in global missions, and we believe in the Blessed Hope of His soon return.

Our core teachings are geared towards rewiring our worldview from the prevalent Western worldview towards a wholly Biblical worldview.  In these classes we will explore the foundational fabric of Biblical truth, the truth of Creation, the truth of the Cross, the truth of the Day of the LORD. From there we will delve into more complex theological issues concerning the Kingdom of God, Missions at the end of the Age, and the uniqueness of Israel. As our hearts are dislodged from wrong thoughts and beliefs, we begin to come alive at a heart level to what the Holy Spirit and the Word of God is speaking to us each day.

Our prayer room hours allow for us to take biblical teaching and turn them into conversation with the author and perfecter of our faith. It is crucial for the truths of God word to be digested through prayer. Interns will experience the different faces of the prayer room. Intimate times of devotion to corporate rallies. Solemn assemblies to spirit-filled dancing and shouts of joy. We receive the grace of God and the impartation of faith through interacting with a living God in the place of prayer.

Spiritual community is one of the primary graces that we can  receive from God.  According to Psalm 133, when saints dwell together in unity, it is so rich and fragrant to God, that He commands a blessing. We need to live our lives transparent and accountable before one another, honoring, preferring and submitting to one another, because of love. Community glorifies the expression of the Godhead. Partaking in an internship is a deliberate choice to  walk out your faith in the context of community.

Our goal and aim to see the saints raised up with a love for the Word, a DNA of Prayer, and an unwavering commitment to Community; that we may constitute a faithful witness of the glory of Jesus throughout the earth.